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  • My pictures fluke

    I have a funny thing going on with the "My pictures" folder.

    Using Windows 2003, I have my documents folder redirected to \\whatever\share\username\My Documents

    Previously we had a \\whatever\share\my documents\username type set up and recently changed it.

    On computers that had a profile before the change, things switched over fine,

    however if one of the changed users moves to a new computer and gets a new profile and navigate the start menu (or any other "my pictures" shortcut) and click on my pictures it goes C:\documents and settings\username\my documents\my pictures.

    Any idea if there's something hidden that's causing it?

    I notice that when I go to the my documents folder, the my pictures folder displays as username's pictures

    I was able to fix it at the computer by going to the user shell folder in the registry.

    In the GPO for my doucments, my picture preferences is grayed out with make my pictures a subfolder of my documents, but we were previously at a windows 2k schema, is it possible that the my pictures setting is still pointing to an old place that can't be redirected to, that I can no longer see to change in windows 2003?
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    Re: My pictures fluke

    turns out this only happenened to me. Maybe because as an administrator I was not originally the owner of my folder and went in and switched me to the owner? But anyways I guess the issue is solved now, although the cause is still a mystery


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      Re: My pictures fluke

      Well this problem does exist for everyone looking for some help please.

      I found an error in the event viewer:

      Event ID: 107
      Source: Folder Redirection

      Failed to perform redirection of folder My Pictures. The folder is configured to be redirected from <C:\Documents and Settings\student\My Documents\My Pictures> to <\\server\students\5\student\My Pictures>. The following error occurred:
      The directory name is invalid.


      But the directory is valid, the user has full control and this time it is a new computer new user new GPO, I started everything from scratch


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        Re: My pictures fluke

        I found how the problem fixes itself. And googling a little seems to think it's related to SP3

        if a user signs on to a computer the first time a local my pictures folder doesn't exist so for whatever reason a change in sp3 cause the redirection to fail.

        But when the user logs on a second time, a local my pictures folder does exist and folder redirection is able to redirect it to the network.

        replacing the sp2 version of fdeploy.dll avoids the problem all together
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