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  • .msi

    I am trying to create (which I have done) a GPO to push .Net 2.0 Framework to 24 computers. I have converted the .exe to .msi with freeware (Advcance Installer 6.2), created the GPO and pused it out.

    Computers see it, shows window after applying security settings and before you login, but my problem is that .Net 2.0 Framework requires user interaction to finish and runs in to the ULLA acceptance. Therefore it may get pushed but not installed

    How can this be accpomplished, to automate an installation that requires you to choose options?

    Thanks to those that respond.

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    Re: .msi

    Maybe have a look at this site. There is a switchless installer for .NET which may work better?

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      Re: .msi


      I also need push MSI file created using Advance Installer. Eventhough I successfully created the MSI package, when I push GPO it still requires user's interface to complete the installation.

      I managed to push MS-office 2003 with the license key without user knowing it.

      Can anyone help to push application (especially .exe) thru GPO without user interference?

      P.S- I am new in systems Administration and AD


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        Re: .msi

        You can't just push a .exe through GPO.

        You need a mst or a msi.

        Plus, not all MSIs are made to be executable quietly, and some questions might need to be asked upon starting the application the first time..

        Well made msis are a charm to push...others..well it depends a lot !
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          Re: .msi

          I've tried doing this also and I get the same results as every1 else here where user needs to interact with installation. I also managed to install office with no interaction.

          After googling the subject matter, it seems you actually have to program all the needed settings the user would usually select into the MSI file itself.

          You do get programs that 'capture' the settings by running the exe file and then it creates the MSI file with the settings you chose during the install, but these MSI's didnt even work when I tried them.

          Other softwares available can be used to create MSIs properly but require some decent programming skills. I decided it wasn't worth the effort lol.


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            Re: .msi


            If i am not mistaken .net framework (all current versions) are .msi files direct from Microsoft except they all have exe boot strappers.

            Simply put using something like WinRAR you can extract the .exe setup file you download from Microsoft and it will give you a folder with an install.msi file.

            This file cannot be ran normally as it will present you with an error stating that you must use the install.exe HOWEVER if you deploy that MSI using group policy it will install it anyway.

            It is a trick I am currently using to deploy all .NET frameworks.

            GPO will automatically accept all EULA's including Advanced Installer ones. [EDIT] The only time it will fail is if it requires extra interaction such as serial keys etc however you can normally integrate these with transforms [/EDIT]

            Another few things as a reminder.

            You must make sure that everyone has at least read access to the installation and all of it's files or it will fail.

            You must also when creating the GPO reference the installer through a UNC Path. e.g. creating it on the server and pointing to D:\dotnetfx\install.msi may be valid for that machine but will not be valid for all of the clients therefore you must point to something such as \\server1\packages\dotnetfx\install.msi.

            Hope this helps.