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Pushing a .exe out from GPO

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  • Pushing a .exe out from GPO

    Ok how do i push a .exe out thru GPO???

    Thank you...

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    Re: Pushing a .exe out from GPO

    Two ways:

    1. If you want to push it for users you can simply create a Zap file and push it throgh GPO.

    To create a ZAP file:

    2. If you want it to be pushed for computers then you need to convert it to msi and need to push through GPO.

    Lot's of free tools are available on the net to record the exe into msi.......

    Hope it will help.............

    Kapil Sharma
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      Re: Pushing a .exe out from GPO

      What exactly are you trying to do?

      1) Simply push the executable file to a location on a remote computer's disk, so it can be run by a user?

      2) Actually push the installation to a remote computer of a piece of software which is installed when you run that executable?

      The two are very different, and I presume you want to do the latter. If so - do some Google searches


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        Re: Pushing a .exe out from GPO

        Wow what a lot of info did you provide.
        I would say, get a baseball bat hit you're computer as hard as you can and have and test if you pushed out the exe file
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          Re: Pushing a .exe out from GPO

          Thanks for your help Dump....

          Thank you