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  • Password Policies

    I have just set up a new DC as a testbed. It is the only DC/Server on the domain. I have raised the domain fuctional level to Server 2003.

    I am trying to add a user to the domain and keep getting a password complexity error even though I have disabled all settings apart from reversible encryption in the default domain GPO. I haven't set up any other policies yet and GPMC confirms that the setting are disabled (i.e. they aren't showing in the settings screen).

    Any ideas why the DC is still enforcing the original policy?

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    Re: Password Policies

    Did the policy apply to the DC properly?

    Did you try running an RsOP on the DC to see what settings are applied ?
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      Re: Password Policies

      did you actually disable the password complexity requirements? or did you just set them to "not configured"?
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        Re: Password Policies

        I actually unchecked the configure this setting box - does this mean they are still enforced unless you configure the setting as disabled?

        Thanks for the pointer on this, I'll have a look tonight...


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          Re: Password Policies

          That is the mistake.......

          You not need to uncheck that because still old settings will remain there.....

          You need to check that box and deisable the setting...........

          Do it in same way for all the password policy and it will work for you........

          One more thing to remeber if you need the blank password then keep the policy configured and set the length to Zero.........

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