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Is possible to merge GPOs

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  • Is possible to merge GPOs


    I have way too many GPOs applied to the same OU.
    I want to collect their settings in a single GPO.
    I have created the GPO, and started importing the settings from the other GPO's backups.
    Once I have done the first, I started the second. At the end though I discovered that the second GPO overwrote the first, even if there was no conflict between settings.
    I have searched the Microsoft Technet (maybe not hard enough) to find a solution, but without luck.
    Has anybody an idea on how to merge settings of different GPOs without deleting them?

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    Re: Is possible to merge GPOs

    sorry but I do not believe there is a way to do this automatically.

    You would be best served to do it manually. This will also allow you to remove any unneeded policies as well in the process.
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      Re: Is possible to merge GPOs

      You may be able to kludge by with the GPMC. Take a look at this article:

      Search for the word "merge" to get to the interesting part. Of course, reading the whole thing wouldn't hurt either.

      Let us know how it goes.
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