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  • GPO and OU help......


    i work for an organization that runs several terminal servers, there are some users that use dumb terminals but most users use laptops or desktops.

    The issue i am having at the moment is that users logging onto laptops and desktops are configured with local logons and when logging onto the terminal servers they have GPO's setup but not with OU's etc.

    I would like to get them logging onto their PC's via the domain and have setup a new user with OU structure and linked GPO's which worked but i cannot remove current users them from their current GPO's as it will interfere with their Terminal Server setup and if i leave them a member of both it interferes with the new PC login process.

    I also do not wish to create one policy to apply for both as they are two very different environments.

    I hope the above make sense.....

    thanks in advance for assistance

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    Re: GPO and OU help......

    It could be because its monday, or the fact that I had only a few hours of sleep, but couldn't understand what you are asking for. PLease clarify.

    Policies can be applied local, Site, Domain and at OU level.
    The are also processed in the same order (L.S.D.OU).
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      Re: GPO and OU help......

      For the users that use local logins to access their physical computer:

      Once they hit the desktop, are you saying they then access a terminal server session and do all their work within said session?

      If so, do they access that session with a unique (to them) domain login?

      If so, is the plan to have them use domain logons to log into the physical computer, and then:

      A) still login to the terminal server or
      B) no longer login to the terminal server?

      Please answer these questions so that we may fully understand your setup.
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        Re: GPO and OU help......

        wired you are spot on and yes the choice is A.

        the problem i am facing is i dont know how to run two different configurations for the same user in two different areas.

        glad my initial post was decodable....... re read heaps to try and make it easier


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          Re: GPO and OU help......

          trying a bump if not within forum rules please remove.