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Prompt for credentials to install software?

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  • Prompt for credentials to install software?

    Currently all our users are restricted from installing any software on their machines, but sometimes there is a need to install a patch or some new software. Currently the way I do it is to go to the user's machine, log off their user account, then login using my Domain Admin account, install the software, then they can login again.

    Am I already doing this the best way possible? I would really rather have a user/pass prompt come up when an installer gets run, put in the Domain Admin credentials, and continue the installation.

    How do you guys handle software installation? I've been toying with GPO software deployment and I'm not sure if it's the best method...
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    Re: Prompt for credentials to install software?

    First of all, you do not need to log them off.

    Right click the installer + Shift, and choose run as.
    To install software on a desktop, i would use a local admin account and not and domain admin account (just precoursion).

    You can do it automated through GPO, but be aware that you need and MSI. So if you have an EXE, you'll need to repackage it to MSI.

    There are offcourse 'thid party' tools that do a greater job and add aditional functionality (Altiris DS, SMS, System Center Configuration Manager 2007).
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      Re: Prompt for credentials to install software?

      Well, I use remote help for desktop maintenance, because I'm to lazy to run between my desk and users . It can be configured in GPO, so no invitations is needed.

      Killerbe is right, you shouldn't use domain admin credentials to install software, local admin (set from GPO and restricted groups) is enough.



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        Re: Prompt for credentials to install software?

        I set up remote assistance in GPO and it works pretty well for being free (well, just included with windows).

        'Shift Right-click -> Run As' does exactly what i was looking for. I agree that programs should be installed using local admin and not domain admin.

        We don't do a lot of automated software deployment. I have all programs we use under 'Publish' mode for our IT staff only. So users cannot install anything themselves, but an IT staff can go and use their account to install the Published software using add/remove programs.
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