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  • Disable/Hide IE7's address bar

    Hi all,

    Is there a way in GPO to either hide the address bar in IE7? or to disable it so users cannot enter in website addresses?

    The reason I need to do this is that I'm setting up 2 systems at our show rooms. These computers are to be used by our customers which are not allowed to go to any websites except the home page, which is our company website. (BTW I wish to do this on user basis and not computer basis, because I need to be able to allow employees to login on the same system and have regular access)

    On Google searches, I saw people saying to use Full Screen. (I tried to use GPO to force Full Screen mode). When this happens, ALL the menu bars are not visible anymore. And as a result, printing cannot be done either.

    My goal is to disable/hide the address bar so users cannot go to other sites BUT still allow printing from the system.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Disable/Hide IE7's address bar

    If the machine is on an active directory domain and not just using local policies:

    One thing you could do is setup a GPO to use a nonexistent Proxy server and specify your home page in the exception list.

    1. in the gpmc create a policy that is applied only to the generic user
    2. in the policy go to User config > windows components > Internet Explorer Maintenance > connection > proxy settings
    3. check the box for "Enable Proxy Settings"
    4. enter an invalid proxy, I typically use
    5. enter the home page into the "Exceptions" box
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      Re: Disable/Hide IE7's address bar

      There is no policy to do this. You can make your own ADM template or disable it in the registry and propogate this by a startup script scripts for example to brand it in Internet Explorer 7.0.

      To do this:

      Create a GPO and call the GPO disable_ie7.0_addressbar for example.

      Open the GPO using edit and go to:

      Computer configuration -> Windows settings -> scripts (start up shutdown)

      Double click Start up script and click on show files.

      You will get an empty policy folder

      In this folder you can put a *.reg file with the following data:

      Open notepad, copy this text and save it as disableie7addressbar.reg

      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Int ernet Explorer\Toolbars\Restrictions]

      Place this reg file in the empty policy folder

      To invoke the file you use a litte vb script and put that in teh same folder:

      Open notepad, copy this text and save it as disableie7addressbar.vbs

      Dim wsh
      Set wsh = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
      wsh.Run "%SystemRoot%\regedit.exe /S disableie7addressbar.reg", , True

      Place this vbs file in the empty policy folder.

      click the folder away and at the startup properties click add and then browse. Now add the disableie7addressbar.vbs

      Click on ok and ok.

      Link this gpo to the the correct computer ou's and you are set to go. Hope this helps.


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        Re: Disable/Hide IE7's address bar

        This one from wiredteknologies makes sense.



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          Re: Disable/Hide IE7's address bar

          i'm on a linux box at present, so i can't test this, but in ie6 and previous, you could open ie in kiosk mode with iexplore.exe -k. i think that might still work. of course, it won't prevent anyone from from closing ie7 and reopening it in normal mode.

          edit: okay, i just tried this and it works really well. the only way out is ctrl+alt+del or alt+tab. worth looking at for a quick and easy solution.
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