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need to drop a registry key via GPO

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  • need to drop a registry key via GPO

    Dear all, apologies in advance as I have used the search function and not found what I was looking for.

    My problem is we are trying to roll out a new system, the client drops quite happily to the desktop (xp sp2) and the server (2003, in 2000 / 2003 domain) side is working fine (video server system called clickview).

    however when you try and run the client you get an error message, and to fix it we have to install a registry key.

    now the issue is we are a school and have a security product on the workstations called ranger that seems to be stopping me from adding this key to the workstations from a login script.

    Is there a way of dropping this new registry info to the workstations via a gpo.

    i have read about making a custom template, but I am reluctant to do this in case I stuff up and trash even the test machines. I am not a great programmer.

    can it be done direct from the .reg file, or does anyone know of an app that would help me do it?

    cheers in advance, hope i have given you all the info you need.

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    Re: need to drop a registry key via GPO

    Either use a startup-script to add the keys


    Create a GPO template and imort it in GPO....

    Kapil Sharma
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