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Offline Files/Files not cached & Blocking File Types

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  • Offline Files/Files not cached & Blocking File Types

    The idea is to have folder synchronization enabled for mobile users (coming and going quite often)

    A GPO has been applied to an OU in AD for this behavior and works perfectly as expected.

    The issue then becomes blocking certain file types from users when the synchronization Kicks off saving data from their 'my docs' out to a server share...

    For example: eliminate MP3's from being copied over...

    I understand that in Group Policy Mgr. we can specify to block these file types...

    Comp. Config>Admin Templates> Offline Files> "Files not cached" and put the list in there: *.mp3 --etc...

    Doing this 'does' prevent those types from coming over... 'however' there are warning messages related to this on every logoff/synch event.

    I can forsee the help desk getting flooded with endless user calls and complaints because of this foreign message (from the user perspective)

    Is there a clean way to prevent or surpress these warning messages without having to add registry values to hundreds of systems?

    Thanks in advance~

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    Re: Offline Files/Files not cached & Blocking File Types

    Look up the section: "Exclusion error suppression"

    Also note, when you modify the filter list, it removes the default filters.

    The defaults are


    So your filter should be "*.db?;*.ldb;*.mdb;*.mde;*.mdw;*.pst;*.slm;*.m p3;"