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GPO not working as it should

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  • GPO not working as it should

    I have a Win2K3 server with XP clients. I created a GPO to block websites which was working fine on IE6, but when I installed IE7, it stopped working when I set the GPO from the server. When I set the GPO locally on each machine, it works fine.

    Any idea how it should be done?


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    Re: GPO not working as it should

    You could try and add GPUPDATE /FORCE in the login script and restart the computer twice. If that updates the policy and makes it work, just keep the string in the login script and instruct your users to restart twice. After that you can remove the string.
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    Any advice I give is to the best of my knowledge, there is no guarantee what so ever that it will actually work in your particular scenario. I will not accept any responsibility for unexpected consequences, after all - you are taking advice from a complete stranger over the internet. =)


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      Re: GPO not working as it should

      I enforced the gpupdate on several occassions manually myself, yet, although the computer has the policy (it is there when I do GPRESULT), the settings are not being enforced. It should be the same for IE6 and IE7, but with IE7 they are not working and so I have to go on each PC and manually add any websites that need to be blocked.

      Thrutfully, this is taking a long time hehe.