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My way blocking FDD, CDROM, USB-Storage

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  • My way blocking FDD, CDROM, USB-Storage

    Hi fellas!

    After combing thru some fora and other information sources I found the infos on "petri" so most complete ones - thus posting my solution here.

    First of all: Every solution found - including GPO here - is not working completely as expected. Some hints w/double-triple booting afterwards etc. still won't give me the expected result.
    Secondly: I had to implement it on a german setup ... (not affecting my solution, tho')

    I'm not yet sure whether it could be implemented via GPO but am looking for another q+d way managing it centrally.

    Ok here it is:
    Logon as an user w/administrative rights
    Start regedit
    Move to the key:
    Rename the keys

    FlpyDisk (standard floppy)
    Sfloppy (is HC-floppy)

    to something you remember (I choose "1"-Appendix)

    After reboot any user can't access the devices.

    Any newly attached USB-Storage will fire up the installation wizard. This would not be a problem if the user hasn't the right to install device but:

    if you set the "Plug&Pray" service to DISABLED

    he/she wouldn't see the wizard.

    Any USB-device not presenting itself as "storage" shouldn't be affected.

    An Admin could just import the keys (w/o the "1") to reenable the functions, reboot and delete afterwards.