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Start Menu redirects - Extra Icons?

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  • Start Menu redirects - Extra Icons?

    Hi all,

    I've been searching all morning for a solution but haven't run across anything that specifically addresses my situation.

    I'm trying to lock down about 200 WinXPPro student workstations using roaming profiles and redirected folders (start menu and desktop). Students log into each lab with a specific username (i.e. room#-math). All desktop icons are removed and the shortcuts to the apps they need to use are placed in the redirected start menu (\\server\redirects$\%username%\Start). Redirection is needed to allow adding and removing apps quickly and conveniently for the lab administrators.

    All is working as expected except when a student logs on to any computer in the lab the Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player icons are being created in the redirected Programs folder. The Accessories folder is also being created. I suspect this has something to do with the All Users folder on the comptuers so I set the NTFS permissions for the %username%\Start folder and child objects to 'read'. The icons are still being created! How can these icons/folder be created if the user permissions don't allow creating the objects?

    Second question: If the All Users on each machine are the cause of the problem what is the best course of action to fix it? I would prefer to do this in an automated fashion via scripting versus going to every computer and removing items from the local All Users folder.

    Many thanks for your assistance.