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Common program Groups is preventing Folder Redirect

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  • Common program Groups is preventing Folder Redirect

    Hi There

    Here's my issue I have four windows 2003 terminal server accessed by both our clients and internal staff, both in separate security groups and I’ve applied a GPO to each group.

    Both GPO’s redirect the start menu to a shared location and get a locked down start menu we want them to use.

    Now to get this to work alone with the folder redirect setting \\\Alternate User\ I enabled the "remove common program groups blocks all users desktop” setting under User Configuration\admin templates\Start Menu and Task bar\

    Now this all works great except that I noticed that several links that are in the all users desktop are not added to any users desktop that logs in with either of the GPO's I created applied to them. When I disable the "remove common program groups blocks all users desktop “setting they get the icons on their desktops but they also get the full start menu which we don’t want.

    I've setup a script to copy the item I want from all users but there another 10 servers I'm going to lock down and they all have different icons, files etc and I don’t really want to have to create a script for each one. I there work around for this?

    If this doesn’t make sence please let me know and I try and be more clear in my explanation.

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    Re: Common program Groups is preventing Folder Redirect

    i would create a batch file for each group...
    for sake of discussion:
    3 groups, consisting of 4 users each...
    6 programs involved A-F, each group only uses 3 apps...
    so group 1 uses apps A,B, and C.
    group 2 uses apps B,C, and D.
    group 3 uses D,E, and F.

    all applications are installed on all workstations... create shortcuts and place them on a share OR copy a set of shortcuts in the root of the clients.
    when the user logs on do something like:
    If not exist "c:\documents and settings\%USERNAME%\desktop\A.lnk" copy "\\file_server\sysvol\\scripts\A.lnk" "c:\documents and settings\%USERNAME%\desktop\A.lnk" /y
    this would effectively copy the shortcut to the current users desktop at logon every time. you can reuse the lines in there to remove or update the shortcuts everytime. shouldnt be that hard for you to figure out...

    good luck!
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      Re: Common program Groups is preventing Folder Redirect

      Sorry for taking so long to reply to this, I ended up just doing a batch file as you suggested James as I'd wasted enough time trying to get the gpo to work.

      Thanks for your help.