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Disabling smart card logon on winxp domain client

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  • Disabling smart card logon on winxp domain client

    Dear friends,
    I haven't deep experience on smart card so I hope You could help me.
    Our Windows 2003 domain doesn't use smart card authentication, accounting dept. needs smart card for application purposes: a custom application running as a service on a winxp domain client has to read smart cards but when a smart card is put into reader device a logon failure happen and no data can be arrive to custom application.
    How can I disable smart card logon on that single computer or on all domain computers? I've found no specific answer on Google or Microsoft sites.
    Thanks for Your help.


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    Re: Disabling smart card logon on winxp domain client

    I need one clarification here....Users are using smart cards for intrective logon or just for accessing the application.

    If you want to disable the smartcard authentication for intrective logon then it can be done through the below option in "Security option" in security settings in GPO:

    Intrective logon: Require Smart card (Disable it).

    If you are using smart card just for application authentication then you need to disable EAP on your AAA server.
    Kapil Sharma
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