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Extra Registry Settings

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  • Extra Registry Settings

    I've added a port exception to Windows Firewall for the DCOM port 135 in a new GPO at:

    MyNewGPO\Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Network\Network Connections\Windows Firewall\Domain Profile\Define port exceptions

    The value I added was "135:TCP:*:EnabledCOM"

    When I view the GPO settings in the GP Editor, I see a new setting:
    Extra Registry Settingshide
    Display names for some settings cannot be found. You might be able to resolve this issue by updating the .ADM files used by Group Policy Management.

    Setting State
    Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\PhishingFilter\Enabled 2
    Software\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsFirewall\Domain Profile\GloballyOpenPorts\Enabled 1
    Software\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsFirewall\Domain Profile\GloballyOpenPorts\List\135:tcp:*:enabledCOM 135:tcp:*:enabledCOM
    Am I missing an ADM file? I downloaded the Win2003 SP1 adm files from the M$ website but nothing has changed. The templates I have loaded are:
    • conf
    • inetres
    • system
    • USBBlockStorage (Custom adm)
    • wmplayer
    • wuau

    What could be the problem?
    +-- JDMils
    +-- Regional Systems Engineer, DotNet programmer & Jack of all trades