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Redirected Menu - slow

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  • Redirected Menu - slow

    We have a 2003 server environment with XP Pro clients.
    In group policy we redirect the students start menu. When a student logs on and then goes to ‘start’ , ‘all programs’ the menu takes an age to load (10 to 15 seconds).

    Is this sort of delay normal?

    The menu is redirected to a server that is doing nothing else apart from running the operating system!

    Any suggestions to help improve the speed?


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    Re: Redirected Menu - slow

    let me ask this first,

    Why are you redirecting the start menu?
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      Re: Redirected Menu - slow

      Hi Thanks for getting back to me.

      We redirect the start menu to stop students doing things we don't want them to and only have access to the programs we choose. We have about 350 PC's the students logon to. I could understand if it was slow if all logged on at the same time.
      I have tried it late at night when i know onone else is logged on

      Hope this helps
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