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Blocking FDD, CDROM, USB

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  • Blocking FDD, CDROM, USB

    Dear All,

    Kindly can you show me the way to Block The FDD, CDROM, USB From GPO. if there are any step-by-step guide will be nice.


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    Re: Blocking FDD, CDROM, USB

    If youre clients are using Windows Vista you may block the devices within Group Policy by enabling the following group policy object settings:

    Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>System>Removable Storage Access

    CD and DVD: Deny read access
    Removable Disks: Deny read acces

    These features are only availble within Microsoft Vista and Server 2008.

    Within Microsoft Windows XP Professional you may disable USB Stroage Devices/CD-Rom by using this custom ADM Template availble from Microsoft;en-us;555324. You may need to change your view within Group Policy to disable 'Only show policy that can be fully managed'.
    MCSA 2000/2003


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      Re: Blocking FDD, CDROM, USB

      I am using WinXP for users and Windows 2003 as a domain Controller.

      I check this site but i didnt understand to much. is there any other way guide can explain to me what are the ADM files and how can be used in Group policy.



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        Re: Blocking FDD, CDROM, USB

        There is a link on the page themanwhowouldbeking linked to, to the Microsoft whitepaper on .adm files, it just isn't a clickable one. is clickable.

        There are also articles here and here you may find handier.
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