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Prevent users to access USB, floppy, and CDs

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  • Prevent users to access USB, floppy, and CDs

    Deal folks,

    I need an effective solution to prevent domain users from accessing their USB, Floppy, and CDs.
    I tried as a previous solution an administrative template to do so, but after applying the template to Active Directory, the template name is shown but without any settings on it.

    I have got the administrative template for the forum.

    Please I need this help...this is serious...

    I'm runnnig Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition with Active Directory installed on it, and users are running windows XP Professional with Secrvice Pack 2.


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    Re: Prevent users to access USB, floppy, and CDs

    Double posting is not allowed on this site. Posting rules clearly state it and the penality involved. This thread shall be left open since it is a GP question, but the one in the AD Forum will be locked.

    You now have a 2 week ban and I hope you use that time to become familiar with the rules before posting again.

    Thank you.
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      Re: Prevent users to access USB, floppy, and CDs

      This is just a thought, but since studying for 70-270, I have learned that instead of using group policy there is the possibility to make a hardware profile for the computer(s) in question that would disable FDD, CD, and USB. This would force a hardware profile so there wouldn't be any option for the user to chose any other profile than the one you specify. You would have to go into device manager, disable everything you wanted disabled, make a profile for that going into "Computer Properties, Hardware tab, Hardware profiles". You might have to simply rename the profile that is already there, or do a little more research. The problem comes if you have more than 10 computers you want to configure that way, it would be time consuming. There might be a way to do it thru GP, but I don't know that yet.

      Good Luck, Will


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        Re: Prevent users to access USB, floppy, and CDs

        I'm so glad you asked that question Samirium. It made me go look and see for myself how that worked. I just tried what you asked and it worked like a charm. I think the only obvious point is as always, you must me logged in as local Administrator, and your user may not be Administrator, otherwise they can change the profile back to whatever they fancy. How many computers are you talking about?