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GPO for TEMP redirection...

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  • GPO for TEMP redirection...

    yesterday, i enabled a policy setting that would redirect the users temp folder (c: docume~1\USER\LocalS\Temp) to the system temp instead (c:\WINDOWS\Temp)

    so today, there were some problems with a few applications that have the temp path hardcoded to the user temp file...

    so i wanted to disable that setting. i go back into GPO management, and to the policy, and it says its not configured... even though i configured it. im sure of it...

    i changed the policy in the location:
    computer configuration > Windows Components > Terminal Services > Temp Folders

    now, maybe it was user error. is there anywhere else in GPMang. console that would house settings for temp folders? i have thumbed thru by hand, but i cannot find any other locations, but as there are so many templates, i may have overlooked. maybe you guys could help...



    so this is what i did to fix it... even though it still doesnt make sense to me.

    the policy did not reflect that i had made the changes to the temp folder location, even though i did. i am absolutely sure i did, and verified it worked by testing it with my guinea pig account.

    i go back to GPMC and edit the default domain policy. drill down to computer configuration > Windows Components > Terminal Services > Temp Folders and set the value to 'disabled.'

    log back in with the guinea pig, and did a gpupdate/force. the policy changed, and the system required a reboot. did the reboot, logged the pig in, and viola! windows recreates all the crap i screwed up and begins using the personal temp folders again. im debating if i should now set the policy back to 'not configured' or leave it... but for now im leaving it.
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