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  • Office 2007 via GPO

    I have been able to install Office 2007 via GPO onto a test machine. What I needed to happen, was for the original installation of Office 2003 to be removed prior to 2007 being installed.

    What happens is that if the 2003 GPO exists, eventlog shows this was applied successfully, but the 2007 GPO does not run. If I remove the 2003 GPO from the computers membership, then 2007 installs fine, but alongside 2003. I needed it to remove 2003, instead its left there intact.

    There is a setting which is enabled within the GPO which checks first to see if 2003 was installed by GPO onto the target PC, if it is it then 'Upgrades' Office to 2007 during which time it removes 2003.

    I read on the deployment document that -

    The following procedure assumes that you deployed the previous version of Office by using Group Policy Software Installation to assign Office to computers. If you deployed Office by assigning or publishing the application to users, or if you used a deployment method other than Group Policy, the existing version of Office will not be upgraded if you use this procedure. Instead, the previous version of Office remains on the computer when the 2007 Office release is installed. To remove the previous version of Office you must uninstall Office.
    From that, it would seem to me that what Im trying to do should work, as the 2003 GPO is applied to Computers in my case.

    Have any of you got any ideas, or maybe even achieved what Im trying to do here?

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    Re: Office 2007 via GPO

    Ive read numerous threads on this now and people are also saying this doesnt work, some even said that its a known issue that MS are looking into. Im still interested to know if anyone has had any luck deploying 2007 where 2003 is already installed via GPO.

    Would there be a GPO (or more likely script) which would uninstall office 2003? Then I could move batches of clients into a dedicated OU for this, once its removed then reapply the 2007 GPO and move them back.
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      Re: Office 2007 via GPO

      Found this -

      Removes office 2003 via silent removal prior to startup