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DHCP is overriding GPO for DNS Client Settings

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  • DHCP is overriding GPO for DNS Client Settings

    For various reasons, I need to set some of my clients' DNS client details via GPO and others via DHCP, although all my clients use the same DHCP server.

    The Microsoft explanation of the DNS Client Settings GPO states that it overrides local and DHCP settings. So I thought "great, that's exactly what I need"!

    However, after setting this up for the clients involved, I have found that the DNS server addresses setting is still being set by DHCP, not by the GPO I created.

    I know the GPO is working, because when I set the IP address manually on a client it applies all the correct information from the GPO, and the RSOP is showing the correct end result as well.

    I've done endless rebooting and 'gpupdate /force' to no avail. No related errors in the event log either.

    Is anyone familiar with this issue? I'm a bit puzzled!