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Issues with GPO.

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  • Issues with GPO.

    I am wondering if anyone has ever seen a situation where pushing out a GPO, whether new or modified, causes computers to have to run chkdsk at the next reboot? Long before I came to work at my present company they were having this issue and they believe it to be related to group policy events. I have been, up until last week, very reluctant to believe that group policy could cause this but I did push a new policy on Thursday and users started reporting that when they rebooted the system ran chkdsk. It isn't every computer and it isn't the same computer every time necessarily. I am just curious if anyone has ever heard of such a thing......

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    Re: Issues with GPO.

    At least they cannot blame you on this one
    Sorry, couldn't help it. Have you checked the Event Viewer for anything fishy?

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      Re: Issues with GPO.

      Yeah but nothing that really stands out as a possible culprit. I still am not totally convinced that GP is causing it but last weeks tests sure do make it look like it is.