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Installing A driver update via GPO and Batch file

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  • Installing A driver update via GPO and Batch file

    Hi guys - I have a dilemma

    We have recently rolled out an application to 600+ pc's which although tested has resulted in incompatibilities between the software and the Display drivers on the 600 PC's

    I am trying to roll out the driver via a COMPUTER policy applied to the 600 pc's (currently only testing on 1) - the install of the driver fails

    All computer are members of a domain TESTDOMAIN

    GPO Called "GFXUpdate" which is applied to a single test pc named in the applied to list of the GPO

    The driver update is for an intel integrated card, and when ran manually from a logged in computer works - via AD policy it fails

    it is located on "\\TESTDOMAIN\Testserver\updates$\gfxupdate"

    it is based on a setup.exe and when run manually once logged on with switches etc it updates the driver a treat.

    When run from the policy it doesnt -

    Am i missing somthing here with user rights at startup time ?
    At startup I did adjust me script/Batch to test connectivity and it seemed good as I could copy files from \\TESTDOMAIN\TESTSERVER\Update$ to the client pc in question - just doesnt seem to wanna install at startup ?

    any ideas ????

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Installing A driver update via GPO and Batch file

    How do you execute the exe-file when installing via GPO - from within a script or batch?

    And when you, succesfully running the driver-update manualy, did you runned the script/batch from the netwshare or, did you start Setup.exe directly from the share?

    Can the Setup.exe run completely 'silent', no User Intervention Required?
    can you show the complete command-line for setup.exe incl the switches.


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      Re: Installing A driver update via GPO and Batch file

      the driver is a setup file, dlls's and a couple of directories on a server share,

      Within this is the setup and dll's

      The setup can have a few switches run on it such as -b -nolic- -s
      (b reboots - nolic doesnt display license file - s = silent)

      If i run this batch when already logged on to the pc from the network share it works

      When i run it as STARTUP SCRIPT on a COMPUTER via an AD GPO it hangs at startup

      Really fed up now - cannot get this to work - Its a graphics driver from dell/intel for the
      * Intel(R) 910GL Express Chipset
      * Intel(R) 915GV Express Chipset
      * Intel(R) 945G Express Chipset
      * Mobile Intel(R) 915GM Express Chipset
      * Mobile Intel(R) 910GML Express Chipset
      * Mobile Intel(R) 915GMS Express Chipset
      * Intel(R) 915G Chipset
      * Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset

      Have also MSI'd this lot up and tried to get it to run as a COMPUTER SOFTWARE INSTALLATION policy - still no joy

      WTF - i have had it with this.
      1st line are gonna have to go round and install 600 updates - lol



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        Re: Installing A driver update via GPO and Batch file

        Hey, dude. Why are you giving up so quickly? After all, 600 computers are a task big enough to try and automate it.
        You say the script resides on a network share. As a startup script it does not run, while as a logged in user it does. Have you considered the permissions issue on the share? What permissions have you defined there? Users only, perhaps?
        When you run something as a computer startup script, you don't have any user-related credentials. You identify as the specific computer.
        Try to add to the ACL of the share a specific computer and run the GPO on it. See if it works.
        Good luck and keep the forum posted.

        Sorin Solomon

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