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Rights to map printer port from DOS Application

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  • Rights to map printer port from DOS Application

    Hi there.
    windows server 2003 domain - XP hosts
    I have a test domain with a login script that when a typical user logs on,
    the logon script tries to map (LPT1) to a networked printer
    from a dos application under XP.

    Now, there is a physical parallel port on the pc and I had
    a look on the microsoft website and it states:
    "In Windows XP, non-administrative users cannot map an LPT port to a network printer path when the LPT port exists on the computer as a physical parallel port."
    So, consequently, when a user would log onto the network and the login script
    runs, it prompts for a username and password as the user is not an administrator.
    Therefore a mapping to the print share cannot be completed, unless the user is
    added to the local administrator group, which i dont want to do.
    I have had a look at this problem within group policy hoping that there is a
    setting that would allow them to map to a resource without giving admin rights,
    but I cant seem to find anything.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks and regards,

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    Re: Rights to map printer port from DOS Application

    here is a start

    see if solution 3 is an option, -> first.. map a non existing LPTn port to the network printer. Then connect the local printer to the newly created LPT port.
    If that is no option, then look at solution 2 -> disable the fysical LPT port on the computer before the users logon.

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      Re: Rights to map printer port from DOS Application

      Thanks mate,
      Ill give it a try,
      Best Regards.