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Help With Local rights via GPO

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  • Help With Local rights via GPO

    I have a group of users that need access to there windows ini files. I have searched, but I haven't found any information to help me. They use a program called Fashion studio pro, and I was told that the users need local rights to take advantage of "program linking" feature. I crated a new ou, and moved there computers, I have been trying to figure out the GPO setting. I am stumped.
    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Help With Local rights via GPO

    If it is only for the ini-files, you could change the permisions on these files rather than add the users to the local administrators group.

    With a computer startup script you can use cacls.exe to change the security for the ini-files.
    Otherwise, in the GPO linked to the computers OU, you can add 'Restricted Groups' to control the members of the local Administrators group.


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      Re: Help With Local rights via GPO

      I forgot about adding the user to the local machine rights. I was so concerned about GP that i didn't think about it. Well I changed the user to a power user on there local machine, and it works
      Thanks for your help