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    Hi to ALL

    Is there a way that software restriction policy can be applied to Windows 2000 professional? I have read couple of docs that this works only on Windows XP.

    I will appreciate any reply. Thanks

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    Re: group policy

    Yes, if you have Active Directory domain controllers. I'd avoid using Software Restriction policies on Win2k though. Once you create the policies you can't get rid of them (that I know of) without upgrading to Win2k3.

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      Re: group policy

      Thanks for the reply. We are running Active Directory.Yeah if you created them you can't get rid of them. Were the restriction policy works effectively in Win2k pro. How? I created software restriction policy and disallow games executable using HASH value. The policy worked fine in Windows XP. I received message "Windows cannot open this program because it has been prevented by a software restriction policy". That i guess the policy worked fine.
      But when i copied the games executable on Windows 2000 machine, the policy is not working. I still can run the games executable. If you said software restriction policy can be applied in WIndows 2000, how? Can you please intstruct me how?