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My document redirect for all pc's except one laptop

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  • My document redirect for all pc's except one laptop

    I need help with My documents folder redirection GPO. I have created a GPO that redirects My Docs to a central server and created a folder on the share and moves the files to it but I want to exclude the laptops cause when they are off site the user doesn't have access to the server storing the My Documents folder so the files are not accessible. Now this GPO only seems to work when linked to the Users OU it applies it to any user loging on to computers and laptops not good. If I only link the GPO to the Computers OU then nothing happens, it can't seem to apply the policy since it doesn't know what the username variable will be. By the way the laptops are in there own OU.

    I need to have any user be able to log on to the laptop and retain local My Documents folder (I will sycronize the local and remote My document folder) but then when any user log on to any pc then my documents is redirected to the server.

    All Users are in the same Users OU
    All Computers are in the same Computers OU
    All Laptops are in the same Laptops OU

    Can anybody give me some insight.

    Thanks Denis

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    Re: My document redirect for all pc's except one laptop

    have you tried 'loopback processing' for the notebooks gpo?
    You should then configure the Loopback Processing Mode of that GPO to "Replace", rather than "Merge" (which is the default)

    not sure if it will take precedence over the defaut user gpo that way, but you can give it a try.
    (let us know the result)

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