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    We use the User Configuration in Group Policy to set the Proxy Setting for Internet Access for our users. the user policy is set for the domain with a 'default-policy' (computer policies are set at an OU level for XP, Windows 2000 etc).

    User objects are stored in the 'Staff' OU to which the default policy is applied when they log on.

    I need to set a different proxy setting for a small number of users and thought the easiest way to do this was to create a GPO which only contains the new Proxy setting and apply it to a new OU (testuser) which sits under the 'Staff' OU so the Group Policy tree looks something like


    default user plicy

    Staff OU
    test user policy

    winXP policy

    I out myself inthe testuser OU but when I log on the new Proxy settings are not being applied. When I run gpresult the test user policy is being run (along with the default user policy). I have checked that the original policy is not enforced, tried Enforcing the second policy but nothing I do applies the new Proxy settings. I did try to make another change in the 'test user policy' which was applied so it looks to me that the issue is just related to the Proxy setting.

    Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue?