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GPO Infrastructure failed

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  • GPO Infrastructure failed

    We get an error when we try to install office through GPO. Wks rsop says it cannot contact the controller, but all pings either ip or name works fine, also every login works fine.

    We are quit desperate with this, any solutions?


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    Re: GPO Infrastructure failed

    Is the domain controller where the Software file directory is being held?

    Can you browse to the share from one of the machines that should have the
    software installed?


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      Re: GPO Infrastructure failed


      Just as mentioned, make sure you shared the msi of office 2003. In addition to that, make sure that group policy is implemnted on the correct OU. As I understand from you by running rsop, GPO is applied correctly.
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        Re: GPO Infrastructure failed

        We have correct paths to software, that we know for sure. We are doing this in classroom and some of us is getting it right, but for some reason, others don't.

        Is there a way we can force the workstation get the GPO when it starts?


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          Re: GPO Infrastructure failed

          we have found the answer, it needs to edit registry as Microsoft says in
          "Group Policy application fails on a computer that is running Windows 2000, Windows XP Service Pack 1, or Windows XP Service Pack 2".

          Read more if interested


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            Re: GPO Infrastructure failed

            Timppatoy well done and a nice find! Thanks for posting the solution back here for others to use. You community spirit is greatly appreciated.
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