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User Policy and Laptop Exception

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  • User Policy and Laptop Exception

    I am runnig a windows 2003 network with all win xp sp2 machines. I have a user policy which sets the home page to our company intranet page and also disables changing the home page settings. All of my users are in a user OU called company users and the policy is configured at that level. The policy works fine but the problem is some user have laptops which they travel with. When they travel they connect to the network via cisco vpn client. They establish the vpn connection after they login so they are not affected by the policy and this is fine. Occassionally they bring their laptops to the office and loggin on the network. When they bring their laptops to the office and login the policy gets applied and caches on the local machine. I do not want this policy applied to their laptops. How can i create an exception for the laptop?

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    Re: User Policy and Laptop Exception

    Are the laptops in a different OU then the desktop computers?
    Then you can try if 'Loopback processing of Group Policy' works.

    Create and link a new GPO to the OU with the desktops.
    Make sure that the GPO is set to process boths Computer- and User-configuration.
    Configure the intranet settings in the user-configuration part of the GPO.

    Disable the previous intranet settings linked to the company users OU.


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