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Deploy hotfix thru GPO Problem

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  • Deploy hotfix thru GPO Problem


    Im in need to deploy a non-published hotfix from MS to all my workstations. Generally I'd be doing this via WSUS, but as I mentioned this hotfix is not available to the general public. I'd like to see if this is possible via GP using a batch file. I tried it on a couple of PC's but discovered it failed because the users do not admin rights to install hotfix. Is there another approach to this? Id hate to manually update all PCs in the enterprise. Thank you

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    Re: Deploy hotfix thru GPO Problem

    You could try some 3rd party products that give you a 15 to 30 day full trial unlimted pc's. One product that comes to mind is PatchManger by Numar Software.


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      Re: Deploy hotfix thru GPO Problem

      An old time method. Install fix on one PC, save Registry change and dump it into a logon script with the /s switch.

      However, I am sure there will be a better method available to push the fix out.
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        Re: Deploy hotfix thru GPO Problem

        Will try numara patch-it since we already have the Numara Track-It! program. Thanks again guys.