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  • Quick Launch toolbar doesn't stick - GPO

    Hi everyone,

    I have a domain residing on Windows 2000 Server SP4. All clients are Windows XP Pro with SP2.

    I've implemented some restrictions via GPO to how windows should look like, and now, even though users can enable the Quick Launch with right click on the taskbar, it is not persistent betwen log off/log on.

    I've searched the forum, I've searched, and I am stuck.

    Only entry I've found is from someone who seemed to have the same problem -->

    but I am not using a Windows 2000 generated profile. Or am I?!

    Any help will be appreciated, this issue is eating me alive.

    Thank you.

    I should have posted this to GPO...sorry admin.

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    Re: Quick Launch toolbar doesn't stick - GPO

    No problem, moved.

    If you inadvertantly post in the incorrect forum and then realise it after you post, you can copy your post and then create a new thread in the appropriate forum. Just leave a note for the Mods in the unwanted forum that it was a mistake post and for it to be deleted. No double post penalties apply if you let us know you inadvertantly posted in the wrong location.
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      Re: Quick Launch toolbar doesn't stick - GPO


      But still no reply ...