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GP software installation with parameters

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  • GP software installation with parameters

    Hi guys,

    i am new to GPs and I want to install a software MSI package on a number of workstations using GPs.

    However, I have three sub-domains and for every domain the package needs to be installed differently using command line parameters. At the moment this works fine if done manually.

    I found information about Windows Installer Transform packages: is this the only way to customize an MSI installation when deploying using GPs?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: GP software installation with parameters

    There are several software deployement tools in the market.
    For your necessity, in case that this software deployement is a routine you would go through often, I would suggest you to prepare an MSI for every sub-domain with the scripting that goes with it.
    It might take some time at the beginning, but it will pay back on the long run.
    If you plan to use MSI extensively, I would suggest you to use VMware (or any virtual machine and server, there are many shareware out there), so you will only have to rewind the baseline of the client machine and install the software you want to pack.

    Hope this helps.
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