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Group Policies User & Computer Sections, Printing

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  • Group Policies User & Computer Sections, Printing

    I tried adding a logon script to all machine on a particular floor of our building so I created an OU and added a test machine inside it. I created a GPO specifically for that OU and assigned the logon script I wanted under Logon Scripts in the USER section of the GPO.

    Tested it, but it didn't work, nothing executed, so I used RSoP to check if it was properly applied. The only content of the OU was the machine account so I did RSoP on that object.

    Of course, it showed the policy wasn't applied, only the Computer section was applied to it. So it seems that the computer section is applied to computer objects and the User section is applied to user objects. Ok, I should have known that but it's been many years since I did the theory.

    The question now is:

    Is there not a way to make sure that for a bunch of computers, any user who logs on to those computers will get some GPO settings if they log on to those computers but not if they log on to other computers?

    As a workaround, I have created OUs for users and split them up this way to get the policies to them, but it seems to me that my first idea of making a policy apply to computers and any users that log on to those computers is a smarter way of doing it for what I want to do.

    This is all so I can assign the default printer for whoever is on a machine to be the printer on the same floor as the machine (makes sense). Since it is the location of the machine which should determine the default printer used, not the user account I would prefer if I could do it my original way.

    Anybody got any feedback or ideas on this?

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    Re: Group Policies User & Computer Sections, Printing

    "Group Policy applies to the user or computer in a manner that depends on where both the user and the computer objects are located in Active Directory. However, in some cases, users may need policy applied to them based on the location of the computer object alone. You can use the Group Policy loopback feature to apply Group Policy Objects (GPOs) that depend only on which computer the user logs on to. "


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      Re: Group Policies User & Computer Sections, Printing

      This is what I did and it seems to work.

      The fact that there was only a computer object and it didn't apply the user config to users on that computer took me a bit off guard, but all is fine now.



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        Re: Group Policies User & Computer Sections, Printing

        So gpo will first apply the computer settings and then teh User setting.

        You can enable the loopback option so as to reapply the computer setting again after applying the user setting.

        Else try to work around it using the NO Override option