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Group Policy, Local or Domain

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  • Group Policy, Local or Domain

    I need to secure a remote users laptop, would i be better off using the Domain GP (after putting the computer in its own OU) or modifying the local GP.

    Any preferences? advice?


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    Re: Group Policy, Local or Domain

    I'd say either put the laptop in its own OU or filter the GPO to only apply to that laptop.

    Having to manage local policies becomes messy when you need/want to make a change and the computer isn't available plus you'll need to have the fact that you're using the local policy clearly documented or else you may end up doing double work, increase troubleshooting headaches, or forgetting to make needed changes.

    Also, using a GPO is more flexible because you can use it for other computers if the need arises. With local policies you'd have to duplicate the work.

    Well that's my two cents.

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      Re: Group Policy, Local or Domain

      I am asking myself about the timing issue: is the laptop connected to your AD at all times? Or at least frequently?
      The issue was dealt in another thread here, take a look.

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