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problem with new GPO to redirect my docs to new server

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  • problem with new GPO to redirect my docs to new server

    Well I've searched a lot to find my answer to this but have come up empty handed so far. I have a new remote site that has its own server. The old site has the same GPO named the same "my docs redirect" but to a differant server. GPRESULT says that the GPO is applied but the my docs are either still redirected to the old server for the old employees and still on the local machine for the new employees.

    All the people are in the correct OU and the GPO is linked to the OU.

    I've done everything from GPUPDATE /force to joining a workgroup and rejoining the domain.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: problem with new GPO to redirect my docs to new server

    GPOs, my friend, are related to Domains and Sites, not to specific servers.
    Tell me, please, are all your stations and servers in the same domain?
    If so, you need to separate the users and or stations you want redirected to the new server from those you want to remain on the old one and to apply on them a different GPO, that will do the job. Regarding how to do that, you need to give us some background info:
    - are the users static? Meaning, those who are in the HQ stay in the HQ and those remote stay only there?
    - are there additional GPOs applied on the users/stations?
    Depending on this info, you can create a new GPO that will redirect the folders by your needs and:
    - create a new GPO for the remote objects (users and computers) and link the new GPO there, or
    - link the new GPO to the existing OU tree and separate them by using Security Filtering.
    Please provide us the additional info, so we can advance toward a solution.

    Sorin Solomon

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