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  • Custom template to disable part of menu

    Hi, everyone.
    I need your help to build a GPO template that will allow me to disable specific options from File menu in Windows Explorer.
    As for now, I have disabled the File menu entirely from public users that connect to TS servers. It is not available. However, I need to allow them Print Preview and Send To -> Mail Recipient at least. I do not want to allow them nor Open, neither Page Setup.
    Since there is no option in the default templates to do that (I can disable the menu itself, not specific options in it), I need to build a template of my own.
    To achieve this, I need to know what settings to change. Haven't found so far. I might need assistance with the creation of the template itself, but first I will read Daniel's articles.
    Any ideas? Is there another way to achieve this?
    In the attached screenshot is the menu itself and the options I want to eliminate.
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    Sorin Solomon

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