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Password Not working- PLease, im a student and need fixing ASAP

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  • Password Not working- PLease, im a student and need fixing ASAP

    My password at startup is not working, is this some sort of hash related thing ( I read somewhere)..Help, I dont know what to do, and I messed with things I shouldn't

    heres the deal:

    I was messing around in CMD and somehow my password for my user account does not work anymore at startup. This is my personal laptop and I had my account set up to ask for password at start and to deny most privilages to guest user. I am running Windows XP on an HP pavillion.

    I was messing around with Net View User in cmd. I was just exploring what info it would tell me. I saw that on my account and this administrator's account (the aspnet thing) that under the info it said PasswordREQ: NO. I Didnt like that idea so i tried to follow the instructions on CMD reference to change the passwrd req to yes. Long story short it didnt happen cause i have to be admin I guess.

    At some point while trying to fix that, I started a new instance of CMD and when I did Net View Users again it showed all these other users like Accountant 1, Vice President, Student, Kimberly and others where as before the accounts were just me and the admin.

    I think I know what caused this: At some point I was asked by computer if I wanted to run something and it was from an .edu site, but I dont remeber who it was and i didnt recognize it. It was dumb I let it run, it was late, and I just clickerd it in a zombie like fashion anyway.

    So when I started the computer the next day, start listed all of those accounts to choose from. I wasnt worried but then when I went to my account and typed in my password It didnt work. The hint was there and it was the right hint, but my password was not working. I tried several times, no luck.

    Big problem is that logging on as another user like the vice president has major restrictions that I previously set, so I dont know what to do. I can however access cmd prompt.

    Please help me, I dont know how to fix this without doing some major work like a second OS or something. What about a recovery point? I tried under the VP account to set password req on my normal account to no and got system error 5. I knew this wouldnt help but maybe this is useful info. I cant do asnything that involves changing accounts or looking at security and the like on GUI.

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    Re: Password Not working- PLease, im a student and need fixing ASAP

    Triple post. Thread locked, user banned for 3 weeks, not 2.


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