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Removing Shutdown Options - Not working

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  • Removing Shutdown Options - Not working

    Hello all,

    I have setup a new Ou with a couple of users in it which are just domain users. I have gone through the user options of the gpo and removed the shutdown options and added log off to the start menu. Thats the only two options I have changed in the new policy.

    When I logon to the ts server it hasn't worked. I have many other policies which I have setup and they all have worked fine.

    Could anyone suggest to me where to start looking to see why it isn't working?

    Many thanks


    P.s Happy New Year to you all
    Kind Regards,

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    Re: Removing Shutdown Options - Not working

    Hi, Simon.
    1) Is the new GPO linked to the new OU?
    2) Do you by any chance filtered it out with security filtering?
    3) Is the user configuration by mistake disabled?
    4) You should run gpresult on the TS, from one of the users, and see if the new GPO is enabled on the user.
    Come back with more answers and will see.
    Good luck.
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      Re: Removing Shutdown Options - Not working

      Hello Simon,

      I think you should enable "loop back processing" and to make sure your group policy is running kindly do the following on the terminal:

      Best regards,
      Best regards,
      Mostafa Itani

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