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  • No Local Files

    Definitally went through this once before on here, but somethings screwed up again.
    Ok so I have a server w/ Windows Server 2003 Rc2. I have about 5 domain accounts that I want to be able to log into any computer, and not have the comp save anything to it, so when you're done after logging in, you log out and theres no files saved on the cpu you were on. Also, I want the server to refuse to login a person if I disable an account. When I do that now, all it does is take ages to login, then nothing shows up on the desktop, and a folder is created on the cpu. I also want to redirect the location of My Documents, Desktop, And the like to a set location for each user in the server. I already had all this done, but for some reason, none of it happens anymore.. Tried forcing gpo on each computer and still nothing.
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    Re: No Local Files

    Please resize the picture!!!

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      Re: No Local Files

      Ditto to Jeremy's post. Please resize the image. Also, you do not have to put the whole screen in the image, just the active window that you want to show us. To capture the active window, hold down the ALT key and press Print Screen.

      A CPU is a Central Processing Unit most commonly refering to the processor (Intel or AMD). Please do not refer to the Case, Box, System etc as a CPU.

      Are you running Windows Server 2003 RC2 or Windows Server 2003 SP1 R2?

      Has it been setup as a Domain Controller (DC) and is DNS working correctly?

      Resize the image so it all fits on one screen so the post can be read without having to scroll sideways and provide a lot more information in a logical and better laid out manner and I am sure you can be assisted.

      You have made enough posts now to know what is required without us having to ask for more.
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        Re: No Local Files

        Sorry, I was in a hurry and didn't take the time to really correct any of that in my first time through, I believe I have sp1, and yes the DNS and Domain controller are set up correctly (as far as I know)... Everything seems to work fine, except the group policies now a days. I'm thinking about deleting all my current ones (GP's), and just starting over, because I may have done something wrong. I really have no idea.
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          Re: No Local Files

          anything in the eventviewer?
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            Re: No Local Files

            Not relating to GPO that I can see.. although I'm not sure if I'm looking at the right logs? In in event viewer...
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