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  • Flash Logon Message

    I would like to add a flash (either .swf or .exe) as a logon message/disclaimer where users have to accept the terms and conditions of usage at logon.

    I've seen it 3 years ago in a company and would like to implement it on my AD.

    I've already created the flash which will continue with logon when "accept" and will shutdown (shutdown command line built into the flash) when "decline". I've tried some options but wasn't happy about the behaviour; for example:
    the flash.exe as a logon script - can be disabled by the user and the shutdown doesn't work
    as a GPO\Computer Configuration\Admin Templates\System\Logon\Run these programs at user logon - users can stop by Ctrl-Alt-Del and shutdown doesn't work.

    Also, it starts to late - I would like it to start BEFORE the logon box appears.

    Any idea how to do this? Will be appreciated!

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    Re: Flash Logon Message

    I doubt you can get this working without a third party MSGINA.DLL (which does the login screen) - Microsoft provide for only a text-based message on login which advises the user of computer use policy but does not require "acceptance" of it. In the current scenario, most pre-login messages include a clause which states that by logging in, you are accepting the local IT Policies and rules.

    For obvious reasons, Microsoft have limited very strictly the programs that can be run before a user is logged on... because running a program which has administrative rights to the PC prior to login gives a hacker a dead easy route into the system...

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