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critical problem

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  • critical problem

    how to add a group policy to specific user in windows XP.

    anybody knows plz tell me

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    Re: critical problem

    Put the user in their own OU and apply policy to the OU.
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      Re: critical problem

      "Critical"? My friend, this is a Minor problem. Because the solution is simple and at hand. Here are some steps that should help:

      1. Create the GPO (edit it acording to your specific needs).
      2. If you have definitions only in one branch (User or Computer), disable the other one (it will speed up the logon process in cases you have multiple GPOs that aply to the same object: user or computer).
      3. Link the GPO to the OU that contains the object you need to aply its definitions on.
      If you need to aply the GPO only on part of the objects in the OU, then
      4a. Use Security Filtering to aply the GPo only on the desired object. Or
      4b. Move the object to another OU (not always possible, and not always desirable).

      Hope it will help.
      Good luck.
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