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Group Policies reverting back over WAN

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  • Group Policies reverting back over WAN

    I'm having an issue in a Win2k3 domain with machines losing their group policies over the VPN. If I run a gpupdate on the machines and verify that the policy is applied, then check back a few days later it will have lost the policies. The setup is a number of small retail locations talking back to a domain controller at the corporate office. The VPN endpoints are Sonicwalls, TZ170s at the end points and a 3060 at the corporate office. I have tried adjusting the settings for detecting slow connections, but it still hasn't helped. I have a few locations with better internet connections than the others and those hold the policies, is there a way to set the machines to hold the policies unless they specifically get a change in policy? I think they are just reverting back to the default value for those policies. Any thoughts or help on this issue would be appreciated.


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    Re: Group Policies reverting back over WAN

    what is the bandwith between thsese retail locations and the central office?
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      Re: Group Policies reverting back over WAN

      They are a variety of speeds from 256KB/256KB to 1.5/512 DSL lines to 3MB/512KB cable connections to fractional T1s. I have my policies set to background refreshes every hour. Each site has no more than two terminals.