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Getting RegToADM to work (was: Edit registry)

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  • Getting RegToADM to work (was: Edit registry)


    I would like to edit some settings in the registry and do it via a GPO. I have a look at a tool here RegToAdm but cannot get it to work.

    This tells me that it is possible can anyone point me in the right direction so I can start to creat custom ADM files to import in to AD.

    Many thanks


    when I changed the registry value I wanted and imported it through RegToAdm is was giving me various errors with regard to illegal values.
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    Re: Getting RegToADM to work (was: Edit registry)

    Not sure I understand what you are meaning. Is it that you want to edit a remote machine's registry via a GPO? Or do you want to make a registry change on one machine and then push that change onto every machine in your Domain?
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      Re: Getting RegToADM to work (was: Edit registry)

      Sorry biggles I'll try and explain a little better.

      At the moment a vbs script is run on new machine to modify the following value to change the logon box on XP machines.
      -- start script
      On Error Resume Next
      Const SUCCESS = 0
      Const LogERROR = 1
      Const WARNING = 2
      Const INFORMATION = 4
      Const AUDIT_SUCCESS = 8
      Const AUDIT_FAILURE = 16
      Dim Path
      Set WSHShell = Wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
      Path= "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\"
      WSHShell.RegWrite path & "LogonPrompt","Stop! This system processes electronic mail classified as Private under the Electronics Communications and Privacy act of 1986.  Law enforcement officers please take note that special warrants may be required to access this system.","REG_SZ"
      If err then
          msgbox "Error Encountered"
          WshShell.LogEvent LogERROR, "Logon Prompt Setup Failed"
          msgbox "Logon Prompt Setup Sucessful"
          WshShell.LogEvent INFORMATION, _ 
          "Logon Prompt Setup Was Successful."
      End if
      --	end script

      I would like to be able to do this through a GPO, instead of using the above script.

      I have tried to create a .ADM template file and I cant seem to hit the nail on the head with it. It keeps throwing back errors to me. I have tried using the RegToAdm utility above but it give me even more error than trying to write my own ADM file.

      Any help would be appreciated.



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        Re: Getting RegToADM to work (was: Edit registry)

        The following if imported as a .ADM file will creat the correct structure but I am still having problems getting the values to be installed/displayed

        CATEGORY !!category
         CATEGORY !!categoryname
          POLICY !!policyname
        KEYNAME "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon"
        EXPLAIN !!explaintext
        PART !!labeltextlp EDITTEXT
        DEFAULT "By logging on you agree to company policy"
        VALUENAME "LogonPrompt"
        END PART
        END POLICY
        category="My Custom Policy Settings"
        categoryname="WinLogon Banner"
        explaintext="Add Logon text to the win logon."


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          Re: Getting RegToADM to work (was: Edit registry)

          The problem is known and it has a solution. You need to disable the option to "only show policies that can fully be managed".

          Please look at:

          Understanding Policy Tattooing:


          What is the difference between Policies and Preferences?


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            Re: Getting RegToADM to work (was: Edit registry)

            Thanks very much for your reply ! I was just coming back to post the solution I found at microsoft

            Its the same information that you have said above.

            Many thanks everyone for your help!