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  • Disable / Hide My Network Places

    I dont want my users to browse the network or see other computers in the Domain.
    Is there a way to hide/disable access to the "my network places" icon?
    Or, when they double click on "My Network Places", no computer shows up?

    All clients PC's are running XP and my server is running Win2003

    I think in GPO this is possible?

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    Re: Disable / Hide My Network Places

    Disable network browsing
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      Re: Disable / Hide My Network Places

      Hi Dear

      Run....> MMC......> Add/Remove Snap-inn...> Click Add.....> Select Group Policy Object Editor....for Remote Computer Click Brows Button..Click Ok.......and Agin OK..
      Now in Lefe screen clik on + sign Select NETWORK Option
      here you will find all the option......!!!

      Take CAres


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        Re: Disable / Hide My Network Places

        Thanks for the information. It worked great. The icon "my network places" was hidden and also the option to "computers near me".

        The only thing is that, if i type in the adress bar of windows explorer "my network places", my domain and computers shows up.

        I dont think that my users are smart enough to figure this out, however i'd like to also disable this feature. Is this possible?

        And once again, thanks for the info!