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need quick troubleshooting tip

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  • need quick troubleshooting tip

    I deployed a Thin client for a new site on a network 172.x.x.x on the main site, it was added to AD and worked fine.

    new building's network is behind the company's firewall.
    New DC,DNS,DHCP were just created. Few virtual servers with static addresses work fine. The guy who organized the above told me that I can connect to the Thin.

    When I ping the Thin that is currently connected on the network 10.x.x.x (DC is on 10.x.x.x. sure) I receive reply
    When do nslookup for it resolves the name of the computer that exits on network 172.x.x.x. with right name of computer (not my THIN).

    What is the mistery? Something was hit wrong on DNS probably... but what?

    Who can answer?
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    Re: need quick troubleshooting tip

    Can you draw a diagram? I'm not sure I understand your setup.

    What does the "thin" resolve to when you do an nslookup for it?

    Are you saying that you can't connect to the thin client which is still connected to the main network? Why did "The guy who organized the above" tell you that you "can connect to the Thin." What does that mean?

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      Re: need quick troubleshooting tip

      Did you assign a static IP to the Thin Client?

      Do you have DNS scavenging enabled on your DNS servers?

      Have you deleted the old A record from DNS and done an ipconfig /flushdns?

      Is the thin client getting an address and updating in DNS on the new site?

      Is AD replication occurring properly between your old site and your new site??