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DNS Server Doesn't Return PTR

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  • DNS Server Doesn't Return PTR

    We have a DNS server on a windows server 2012 R2.
    The problem is it doesn't return PTR, When I do a PTR test at or other similar websites they give me this message:
    ERROR: No reverse DNS (PTR) entries.
    We've configured PTR for the domain name in DNS server.
    ping -a command return domain address if I'm connected to internal network.
    May you help me, This problem is really annoying since our user can't send email to public mail servers.

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    Re: DNS Server Doesn't Return PTR

    Is it really a public facing DNS server? If not (and the vast majority aren't) I would not expect a public site to return anything.

    Normally you would configure a ptr record in your public DNS control panel, run by whoever (e.g. ISP) is responsible for your external (public) domain
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      Re: DNS Server Doesn't Return PTR

      We are owner of the IP.
      DNS test websites only give error about PTR.


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        Re: DNS Server Doesn't Return PTR

        A PTR record goes in the rDNS zone at the entity that owns the ip address netblock. If this is a public ip address then I find it highly unusual that you own that ip address netblock.

        If you're referring to an internal RFC1918 rDNS zone then that's what I'd expect. External DNS clients don't query your internal RFC1918 rDNS zone. External clients need to query the rDNS zone for the public ip address.