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DNS URL redirection

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  • DNS URL redirection

    I have a client who has a hosted app at say - from the website end this then redirects to

    However, internal to their network how can I create a URL redirect? I have created a record for app. and internally it resolves, but of course the redirect does not work. Any ideas?


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    Re: DNS URL redirection

    DNS cannot redirect URLs, only hostnames.

    You can create an A record for and point it to the same IP address as, and you can create a CNAME record pointing from one DNS hostname ( to another (, but you cannot redirect a hostname to "", since the path behind the hostname isn't part of the DNS name.

    URL redirects are done by web servers. To redirect "" to "", a web server must be configured to serve the "" site and respond with a 301 or 302 redirect message for any and all requests. The redirect response can point to any URL.