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Split Horizion DNS

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  • Split Horizion DNS


    I have an issue with internal DNS queries to a webite hosted internally.

    1. The website is hosted internally
    2. External users reach VIA NAT/PAt accross the firewall
    3. DNS query to site from both internal and external resolve external IP
    4. To change this behavior for internal clients- created a new Forward lookup
    zone. "" (obviously not the real domain name for this forum)
    and an associated "A" record for the second level. (Mysite
    5. Works perfectly at resoves to internal server address

    The issue is we have
    A proprietary app that sends smtp email to an internal SMTP server which relays
    the mail to external hosted exchange.

    When this zone/a record are in place - mail destined for domain
    stops flowing to office365 exchange server (never gets delivered- sticks in queue of Local SMTP server.

    Question-- istead of a new zone-- should I setup some kind of forwarder?
    One that only affects the secoond level domain traffic (mysite)

    Cannot test too much-- as this is a production system in a 24 / 7 shop

    BTW-- MS technical support has already wiped their hands.
    after spending 3 days-

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Split Horizion DNS

    I amy have been too quick it would seem to be working

    I recreated the zone as

    instead of

    Thanks again--
    Who knows - maybe someone else will read this post and learn from my mistake.